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What is radon gas and do I need to have my home tested?

Radon is radiation. There are no safe levels of radiation, so the higher your Radon level, the greater risk to you and your family. Health experts recommend limiting exposure to radiation, especially Radon because of its ability to mutate cells within the human body - thus causing cancer.

       Radon gas is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, and radioactive gas that is present worldwide in

       the environment as a byproduct of the natural decay of uranium in the Earth. If Radon is

       present in your home, you may be susceptible to lung cancer. Radon gas exposure is the #2

       cause of lung cancer cases in the US. No, the state does not require Radon testing, but it is a

       good idea to have your home tested in order to protect your family's health.

​                                         To find out more about Radon exposure:

       How does Radon enter your home?

There are natural pressure variations within a home. Lower levels of homes have negative pressure and this negative pressure pulls the Radon in from the surrounding soil. The upper levels of a home have positive pressure and do not pull Radon in. So basically, this odorless, tasteless, colorless, and radioactive gas seeps into your home without your knowledge. 

Don't worry, we will test for Radon in your home if you request it!