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Elaborate Home Inspections


Your inspection report will include: 

  *We will provide you with a professional evaluation of the physical condition of your property. This report includes over 400 inspected items. All of the findings will be included in a detailed, written report that is easy to understand. This will include all of the suggestions for repair, maintenance, and/or safety hazards on the property.

  *We will also include digital photographs within the report to detail the areas that need to be improved upon.

Here's what we will go over in your home inspection:


- Structure/Foundation
- Exterior-Siding, windows, etc.
- Roofing, insulation, ventilation
- Plumbing
- Electrical/wiring
- Interior walls and structures
- Appliances
- Crawl spaces/attics
- Heating and Air conditioning

- Garage, walls, and driveway

Our inspection will assure you a 

thorough, easy-to-understand 

overview of the conditions of the 

home you are about to purchase.

Buying a home is not something

you do everyday and we provide the 

information you need to achieve

peace of mind.